Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Golden Days

I am overjoyed at being in Papua. Each day there is some new discovery that seems to make this island more and more endearing.

The heat may be oppressive, but I don’t complain. The mosquitoes quick to take advantage of the tiniest spot of unsprayed skin, but I just swat them away. I’m taking motion sickness medicine every day because the roads are so bad, but hey, that’s what medication is for, right? I can only speak a couple words of Indonesian, but who cares, I’m connecting with people in smiles. This place is awesome.

Yes, I know. You veteran missionaries maybe rolling your eyes and saying, “Oh the honeymoon stage!” And yes, I know that these are the golden days of our time here. I know that times will change and I will inevitably become frustrated and at some point want to quit.

All of these charming aspects of culture will become annoying and I’ll long for my own culture. Eventually things will even out and I’ll adjust to living in a new culture. I’ve experienced the honeymoon stage before. And here’s the one thing I learned – Enjoy it while it lasts!

Eventually, when I do hit the hard times, here’s what I ask of you. Remind me of the honeymoon stage. Remind me of my calling. Remind me of the big picture. I’ll even out in the end, but I may struggle to do it alone. Walk this road with me and in the meantime let’s enjoy these golden days!

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