Thursday, May 29, 2014

Missing Andi

Sweet and silly!
This little guy. Five year old Andi has lived next door to us since we moved in. He and Isaiah became fast friends. Andi became my little language helper as well.

After Isaiah’s afternoon nap we’d go outside with the scooter and skateboard to play with Andi. In between taking turns, he would come and sit next to me, checking out the homework I’d brought outside with me. 

On hot or rainy days Andi would come over for a movie, to color, for a pillow fight, or to cause some kind of little boy ruckus. The boys played well together and also fought well together. Sometimes I would reach my limit and kick them both outside. “Main ke luar!” and I’d open the door and throw the soccer ball out after them.

Once, Andi helped me with putting Indonesian words for things around the house. “What’s this Andi?” I asked pointing at the sink. “Tempat cuci piring.” And so up went a little sign with Andi’s words every day reminding me the Indonesian words for ‘sink’.

We hadn’t seen Andi for a little more than a week. Isaiah would go to his house calling, “Andi! Andi!” but no little boy came to play. The adults didn’t offer any clue as to where Andi had gone either. In fact, Rafeli, an older 8 year old Isaiah also plays with hadn’t been there either. Where are the boys? We all wondered.

Rafeli returned a couple days ago, but still no Andi. “Where’s Andi?” I asked him. I’d asked before but was only told, “Di rumah” (at home). This time I got a more complete answer. Andi moved to Abe, a few towns away. He isn’t coming back.

We are all sad. Isaiah keeps going next door calling for Andi, even though I’ve explained he doesn’t live there any more. 

I hope Andi will come back to visit, after all his grandmother still lives next door. In the meantime, we all miss him very much. 

Afternoons spent getting dirty outside

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