Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sensible Ben

Ben is sensible. He saves me from a lot of trouble and often the trouble I do get into is for lack of listening to his advice.

Take this morning, we planned to walk up the mountain a bit to sit on the top of the water tower (it has a picnic table on top) and enjoy the view out over lake Sentani and the airport. 

We packed some cookies for snacks and our water bottles. Isaiah slipped on his crocs and I grabbed my sandals. 

“Shouldn’t you be wearing proper shoes?” Ben asked. “These are ok, it hasn’t rained.” I replied and we headed out the door. 

A dry clear morning, we reached the hill top out of breath, but easily enough. After spending some time at the water tower we decided to head home again. 

Sensible Ben had no trouble with his boots. Isaiah and I could have slid the whole way home. Orange clay dust covering our feet, legs, and hands from catching ourselves in a fall, we both looked like we’d had a bad spray tan.

 Sensible. We should have worn proper shoes.

Ben is sensible with money too. Where I tend to have an oh it’ll just be fine attitude, Ben is cautious about what he spends and carefully researches purchases. 

The aftermath. Notice Ben's proper boot!
We discovered Kitkats available at the big grocery store in town and have been buying boxes every couple of weeks. For all the Indonesian food we eat and enjoy, I cannot tell you how much I look forward to a Kitkat after lunch each day. We keep them in the fridge so the chocolate doesn’t melt and as I savour each bite it just feels like home

Today, I pulled out a new box of Kitkats, brought it to the table and opened it. My heart stopped, “You bought the two bar ones?” 

“I figured we’d get through them slower if there were only two bars and save some money.” Ben replied.

He might have been right about the shoes, but there is no room for sensibility when it comes to Kitkats. 

In mourning for my half bar of chocolate, I slowly unwrapped and ate it. “Here, have another.” Ben said handing me a second bar.

I smiled at my husband and loved him even more. Unwrapping the second bar of chocolate I couldn’t help but think, There might not always be room for sensibility, but there is always room for grace.



  1. love your insights , and just hearing about your adventures . continued Prayers for you all