Sunday, April 6, 2014

Aku Papua

"I will sing it for you and then I will tell you what it means."

Our Papuan friend began singing, Tanah Papua tanah yang kaya, his voice soft and sincere. So moved, without even understanding the words, I began to cry. I wondered what he sang about with such love, pain, and hope. Eyes heavenward he continued, Hitam kulit keriting rambut aku Papua.

Even a brief reading of Papua's history will reveal the deep wounds this land and the people who live here have suffered. Wounds that endure today. My friend's song, Aku Papua, was written during a time when the people felt defeated by the county's circumstances. Aku Papua, meaning "I am Papuan", reminded the people of their heritage and value.

"Your song made me cry." I told my friend. "Yes, when this song came out it made many people cry. Let's sing it together." So the three of us sang, and I cried again, understanding a small bit more about this land and it's people.

You can listen to Aku Papua by clicking the picture below:

Aku Papua

Song Translation:

Papua Island, rich island
A little heaven fallen to the world
As wide as land, as much as honey
Precious hope

Papua island, ancestral island
I was born there
Together with wind together with leaf
I was looked after

Black skin curly hair, I am Papuan
Black skin curly hair, I am Papuan
Even though the sky may split
I am Papuan


  1. Hang in there guys! You are doing so well, we're so proud of you!! Can't wait for your next post. Sigrid

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! :)

  3. Great blog! Looking forward to more...!

  4. thanks for the translation! i searched for it everywhere!