Friday, April 4, 2014


I can cope with the big things. I can deal with power cuts, water shortages, new foods, mosquitoes, dirty feet, and the stress of language learning. I am prepared for the big things.

The small things are the real killers. Merciless assassins quietly stalking my morale, cloaked in shadow, taking aim, and firing when I least expect it.

It’s dropping laundry on the dusty ground just before hanging it on the line. It’s my laptop restarting in the middle of a journal entry because it decided, all on it’s own, to update all of Windows. It’s Katadyn filtered water tasting like plastic, but we have to drink it because the other option is typhoid. It’s the endless sweeping because dusty roads lead to dusty floors.

These are the real killers, but I am not defenseless.

My defense is the gospel. The love and grace that covers and compels me to action.

My defense is you. You, the individuals who generously give, regularly pray, and actively encourage. I wouldn’t make it without you.

My defense is choosing to live in the reality that none of this is about me. It’s about the sick child receiving life saving medical care. It’s about the village damaged by the mudslide. It’s about treating and stopping Aids. It’s about making it possible for international workers to live and be effective in isolated jungle communities.

There may be morale killers here, but I am well armed and you’ve got my back.


  1. So true Anisha!! That was the same for me, living in four different cultures across the years. On the other hand, the small things can bring great joy too, finding soya sauce and instant noodles in a local shop (for me in Africa ;)), a free and convenient laundry slot (on a ship), a good night's sleep... Remember as much as you can, write them down, your writing is honest and true, thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing too! :)