Friday, April 11, 2014

Ben Came Anyway

I hate sports. I'm uncoordinated, slow, and weak. Worst of all though, playing sports makes me feel very insecure.

Language learning, now that's my thing. I can "feel" the meaning of the words and they stick easily. I don't mind messing up because after all, "you have to murder it to master it".

Ben is good at sports. He's coordinated and fast and all smiles.

He hates scripted afternoon language practice. The words take longer to learn and the awkwardness of not being understood is so uncomfortable.

But here's the thing. If someone said to me, "Go live in that country and help those people. Oh and you have to play sports everyday until you are great at it." I would say no. Plain and simply, I would not go.

Ben on the other hand, came anyway. It's tough and discouraging and frustrating. Sometimes it's the awfulness of insecurity.

Ben came anyway! I am so blessed to have him. I wish I was more like him.

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